Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ways to Acquire a Free Gown

How about a free gown this season? Unbelievable offer but a truth hard to believe and grasp for the Prom lovers. Web sites are off with deals to get you your dream formal dress at absolutely no money to spend for it. If you are known as the student doing well in high school with highest GDA or someone working as a volunteer for a social cause or simply visiting a website to register, you can surely expect a free gown coming to you. Your fashion designing skills can get you a gown for free. Design one, send the sketches and you could be the lucky one flaunting prom dresses at absolutely no cost.

With the rising price tags for the prom and ball gowns, affording one for your Prom, cocktail, Quinceanera, debutante and wedding is quite a task. It can really get frustrating to compromise on the style just because the design you wanted is expensive and way ahead of what you can afford. Proms are fun nights with everyone busy competing with the styles in vogue. You want to be a part of the fashion tide but the money factor tells the story for you. You are forced to find a second hand worn out style. The present season brings in the surprise with a free gown to give away. It will be an entirely new style, very fashionable, well–fitted and unique to be a part of the competition. There are newest of the style in ball gowns and prom dresses available to be given free for Proms, wedding and important social events. Just your luck, little creativity with dress design, alertness towards special offers and soaring high academic grades and you are eligible to receive a gown for free.

Being a volunteer can save you on your dress. If not free then a 25 percent discount on it can make you happy. If you volunteer in the field of social work, helping kids, education or the ‘under privileged’, apparel websites will take off 25% off the price of one dress that you are ordering for yourself. You will have to send them a certificate from your principal or the Department head certifying that you are working as a non paid volunteer. You are also eligible if working part time or full time. Most of the websites will ask you to fax the details and you are all set for the season bonanza coming to you.

Going free and thinking of having one is possible today for the high rankers, social work  Volunteers, aspiring dress designers and to almost everyone who stays alert in grabbing the opportunities that can help them own free or affordable prom gowns, evening dresses, prom dresses, debutante and Quinceanera ball gowns and attires for other formal occasions. 

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