Monday, October 15, 2012

Prom Dress Color Trends- Look Stunning in Season Colors

Colors matter every season and the ideal color selection for your formal dress depends upon the season and what looks good on you. Colors are important for a design or embellishment to come out beautifully and the right contrast is a must. If you are surprised with the large pool of colors available today and if you are confused with your color selection for your preferred style in prom dresses then go through the color suggestions mentioned below that might help you out in your selection.

Bolder the Better

The new season for the Prom occasion determines the colors for you that are bold and happening. Hues keep changing with the season and fashion gets a new dimension with a single color or combination of colors used for attires. Whether it is plain satin or the iridescent taffeta, bold color palettes tops the list of hues for the season fall. The bolder the better is the call with single color prom dresses for women. Black, navy, red, purple, yellow, burgundy and turquoise are all bold colors to make the choice for the best attire.

Refreshing Summer Colors

What more can one imagine when the spring/summer collection is out on racks displaying season specials in prom dresses. The brightness of the orange, the soft appeal of the cream, the cleaner corals, mesmerizing peaches, very fruity banana, romantic lilacs and pink have been added to the range of women formals.
Summer also has the mint green and the pastels. The season goes minty green which is the ideal summer color. Soft shades of the minty green for the New Year are gracing online catalogs and retail showrooms including prom dresses in colors that are very appealing among the go-getter teens preparing for prom and brides shopping for their bridesmaids. The pastels have the best colors ideal for wedding dresses to match with the wedding flowers used in the venue d├ęcor.  The cream, peach, pastel pink,  pastel yellow and blue in pastel shades are all capturing for the season.

Black goes with White

Couture designers are launching dresses in black with white. Bridesmaid separate styles are in black and white color combined together. A white bodice of Basque styling goes well with a black A-line skirt and a black satin ribbon as a sash adorning midriffs. This color trend also has black used with other shades of fuchsia, turquoise, minty green, gold, silver and almost all hues best in summer. Outfits in white with black overlay and black with pastel color embellishment are ideal as prom dresses.
Get into a mindset to stick to the season color and you will never go wrong with your dress. Just remember to consult a designer before finalizing on the color and make sure it looks good on you and goes with your complexion. 

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