Monday, December 10, 2012

New Line of Special Occasion Quinceanera Dresses

The world is witness to change in fashion in almost every dress style whether in prom dresses or dresses for formal occasions and the favorite ‘Quince’ or ‘Quinceanera’ attire is not an exception in it. It is a big business today in all over America, to bring in change in style and colors for Quinceanera. With a higher concentration of the Hispanics in the community, there are more outlets favoring Quinceanera dresses, couture gowns and even prom dresses for exciting sweet sixteen parties across the USA and worldwide. Unlike older designs, the new fashion is getting more revealing and loosing out on the real aspect and just being materialistic.

“I have seen them losing out on the real perspective of ‘Quinceanera’ for almost the entire crowd. The dresses though long in length but very revealing with sleeveless and strapless design for the neckline.” says Georgia Whitman, the mother from Orange County who recently celebrated her daughter’s Quinceanera. Like every mother she wanted her daughter to wear fashionable yet not so sexy dress.

Whatever might be it, whether traditional or very outward in style, online apparel websites are proud with the catalog they have to show off this season. Apart from the prom dresses available, apparel destinations have marketed a new line of special occasion couture gowns, ball gown silhouetted prom dresses and remarkable new styles for Quinceanera ball dance party dresses. The role models have their word on the dresses- “What influences the world of Quinceanera is the fact that you dress in anything looking gorgeous on you.” -Jennifer Lopez, the American actress.  The website apparel for Quinceanera have inspiring newer line of fashion featuring the diverse use of more materials rather than the usual, sensuous cuts unlike the ordinary ones and style bewitching for the girl’s day. What was even better was with a high collar dress. Such Quinceanera dresses have more of a revealing trend objectionable for some and appealing to the wearer.

“We call it risky cuts on dresses that make them revealing”- Andy Anand, Couture fashion stylist for the range of prom dresses and more. Though inappropriate for the church rule, but quite admissible among the masses, revealing and curvy dresses have their importance in Quinceanera fashion.
This goes well for the colors too. Coming out of the traditional use of ‘Pink’ as the principle ‘Quince’ dress color, the current trend speaks for the different hues for sweet sixteen fashions. The fashion trend for the Quinceanera dresses available across the United States, are going about with the change in colors. “The colors are going to be brighter and more remarkable with the season’s inclination found to be moving towards the brighter the better and I have included turquoise , orange, lilac, champagne and Emerald for quite a difference” Says Andy.

The full line of dresses for Quinceanera is designed with a remarkable spirit of having exclusivity and very youthful in the designs to rightfully look good for the sweet sixteen girl and make her proud of the dress she wears. This spirit is well exemplified in the designs available at, the apparel destination of choice of many you are eager to dress up with a difference.