Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to Select Vintage Prom and Bridesmaid Dresses - The Dos and Don’ts

Every shopper today is going Vintage with their formal dress selection for the 2012 season. A vintage exclusive is representative of the era in which it was made. We can say that 20’s is the fashion of Vintage which has been given the style variation needed to make it suitable with the present time and not a cast off as many might consider. The world is going Vintage today with Vintage prom dresses in mermaid crystals and a backless sexy look for proms, backless Vintage bridesmaid dresses in mermaid silhouette and in halter neckline, beaded line of fashion and the sash with lacy covering. Vintage can be fascinating but it has its set of dos and Don’ts before the final changeover is done in yesteryear styles. 

Go with Adaptable Styles

Do- Vintage can have its innovation with the adaptable Vintage style but do you know your measurement, an old dress in the closet may not be of the exact fit for you and you will need to reconsider it once again. The idea is to get your measurements from a seamstress specializing in designer tailor made Vintage dress. Give the dress style you want to adapt and let them do the rest.
Don’t- Don’t even try to get alterations as that might ruin the style you want to achieve. What you should not do is pay the entire fee in advance, give your designer the minimal of the budget for your dress and pay the remaining on delivery only when satisfied.

Thrift Shops

Do- The thrift shops can give you the best bargain for the Vintage style you want. They have almost all styles representing Vintage era formal fashion. Though size is a consideration but they charge a bit extra and get a dress customized for you. When buying Vintage wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses check for stains or any signs of wear and tear that is not tolerable. Remember, the Vintage dress that you aspire to buy is bound to go through more of the wear and tear and a worn out or a stained dress will be something to avoid. Examine your dress, try it, look for comfort levels, shake a leg or two to see whether your dress makes you move and then decide for the style.
Don’t – Avoid a worn out or stained dress that probably a shop owner would convince you to wear. The style can your favorite but do not compromise on the quality because of that and therefore it is preferable to go for the best take on quality. Venture inti a thrift shop to aim for a good quality clean dress.

Stay with the Best

Do- “Decide soon or you will lose out on the best”, is often the advice of the experts, don’t hang around for long or else you will end up confused. The more you will stay at the shop the more is the chance you will take it longer to choose from the stock of prom dresses and might lose out on that dream Vintage dress. Get the designer at your aid, if you are too confused. If going for custom made dress, keep your measurements handy and the style in mind.

Don’t- Avoid losing out on your dream dress by acting fast and avoiding mistakes.
There are channels that specialize in tailored made Vintage formal occasion dresses and prom dresses. Discover Vintage stores near you and get a friend to help. Make a point that you pay heed to the dos and Don’ts before buying from latest bridesmaid attires and prom dresses. Make the right selection for most amazing style makeovers this season. 

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