Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fashion Tips for Best Fitting Formal Dresses

Bridal Gown
It is the wedding of a lifetime, the best part in a girl’s life. What she she is plus sized? Is there an option for her to go sensational with her looks? Wedding is the time of the year when the bride needs the most out of everything planned for her big day. She goes every measure to get everything right for that exclusive day. A bride with a perfect slim figure can try almost any style and getting one to her liking is not that hard but things change in case of a plus size bride. Though the options are many in number but choosing that very exclusive one becomes a hard task. There are many questions in mind for the bride to answer. What will look good on me? Will I get my size in the bridal couture gowns available? Can I wear my dream bridal dress? Here are some tips that might be the answers to some of these questions:-

Make it Custom Fit
Look for custom made options rather that going for an XL size of which you are uncertain. Get your seamstress to work for you and give you the size that best accentuates your wonder areas. If opting for an online purchase, many leading apparel online stores have custom size chart to refer to the size of your bust, hip and waist. Get the measurements and visit a boutique to get your alluring custom made outfit or simply contact online fashion consultants who can give you an eye towards the best fitted size to go well with your plus size figure. Brides can go for plus size formal dress variations depending upon the shape and not the usual size of any dress they wear. This means, what she wears for any occasion whether formal ball, prom or a casual party, will not determine the size of her bridal dress. Prospective brides should get recommendations available from formal bridal couture designer.

How About A-line Dresses and Softer Whites
It is nothing about the level of audacity you should have, to dream of a flamboyant creative dress just because you are plus sized. Your dream to make it look good on you is worthy of consideration. It is a risk worth taking to go for A-line dresses that I bet will look on a plus sized. A-line dress are narrow at the waist and then flares into grace hiding of all flabbiness of the thighs and legs.

The color is the next important thing with the cliche color of White for the bride. White is traditionally the choice but for a plus sized, it is advised to go for softer shades that hide of the edges that can make you look fat and just bring out the best in you. A softer white will eventually drift of attention with embellishments at the right place for a slimmer look.

Sash and Embellishments
Add sashes that can make a difference for the plus size bride. She can have it in darker shades covering over the waistline of the bridal attire. The sashes can have embellishments set off a trendy look keeping with tradition and class.

Get an Expert
A seamstress can be the help in this regard. Consult a seamstress for more ideas to drape your best on a plus sized figure. Take prior advice from a style expert before selecting a design, silhouette and color of the dress. Bridal boutiques and on-line wedding consultants have style suggestions for plus size dresses and do the needful to help brides clad their dream dress.
Prospective brides can pay attention to the tips mentioned here and shop for their dream attire with the best apparel choice for plus size bridal couture gowns available. You get the best fit to your delight for your dream attire and you will be perfect in your bridal look.

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